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If you are suspected of driving while intoxicated or driving while seriously intoxicated (due to alcohol), you may be issued with an alcohol interlock driving licence (alcohol interlock-controlled driving right). A special condition may also be attached to your driving licence as a preventative measure if you cannot be issued with a regular driving licence on the basis of continual alcohol abuse (alcohol interlock on grounds of health).

Alcohol interlock-controlled driving rights

If you are suspected of driving while intoxicated or driving while seriously intoxicated (due to alcohol), you may request an alcohol interlock driving licence. You cannot receive an alcohol interlock driving licence if you are subject to a driving ban for other reasons or if you are not permanently resident in Finland.

You should submit your request for an alcohol interlock driving licence to the police. (External link)

You should supply the police with a certificate from a physician or other healthcare professional stating that you have attended a substance abuse service appointment where intoxicant use, its health impacts and treatment options were discussed.

After the police have processed the aforementioned documents, you should submit an application for a new driving licence with an alcohol interlock special condition (69 / 111)  to an Ajovarma office (External link) or online using Traficom's e-Services (External link).

If you are driving on an alcohol interlock licence, you may only operate the vehicle you declared to the police when you applied for the licence. An alcohol interlock may be installed in a car, bus, coach, van, lorry or tractor. An alcohol interlock may also be installed in several vehicles operated by the same person.

You can also rent an alcohol interlock or buy it second-hand as long as the model is approved for use under controlled driving rights and is calibrated and installed appropriately.

After the control period has expired, you may collect your regular driving licence from the police. In certain cases you need to submit an application for a new driving licence to an Ajovarma office or online via Traficom's e-Services. Your obligation to use an alcohol interlock will also cease at this time.

You may also continue to use an alcohol interlock voluntarily after your regular driving licence has been returned. You may then adjust your alcohol interlock to the voluntary settings (no data downloads, no running re-tests).

Your vehicle must also undergo a modification inspection after the alcohol interlock is removed.

Alcohol interlock on grounds of health

In most cases, continuous alcohol abuse will prevent you from being issued with a driving licence and constitutes grounds for revoking a driving licence. However, you may be granted a licence or allowed to retain your licence if a special condition (69 / 113)  is attached to your licence, stating that you may only operate a vehicle equipped with an alcohol interlock.

If you are applying for a driving licence or to renew your driving licence, this special condition (alcohol interlock on grounds of health) may be attached to your licence when you submit your application to an Ajovarma office (External link) and enclose an appropriate medical certificate.

If it is a question of monitoring your health, the police will attach the special condition to your licence. In such cases, the police may take possession of your previous licence. You can apply for a new licence at an Ajovarma office (External link)or online via Traficom's e-Services .

Alcohol interlock device

An alcohol interlock is a device that will prevent a vehicle from starting if the alcohol level in air exhaled by the driver exceeds a predetermined limit. The limit set for alcohol interlocks is 0.1 milligrams per litre, which is a blood alcohol concentration of about 0.2 per mille.

Alcohol interlocks approved for use under controlled driving rights

ACS Alcolock LR
Autowatch TAB 720
Dignita AL-100
Dräger IL 7000
Lion Laboratories Ltd Lion DS-20
Lion Laboratories Ltd Lion DS-25
Smart Start SSI 20/20
Smart Start SSI2030
Smart Start SSI 2035

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