Front Page: Ajokortti-info
Front Page: Ajokortti-info

Are you interested in getting a driving licence? This page gives you detailed instructions on how to obtain a driving licence for a tractor, moped, light quadricycle, all-terrain vehicle, motorcycle, passenger car, lorry or bus. The page includes information on the conditions for obtaining a driving licence, the documents related to getting a driving licence and the different ways for getting instruction.

You will also receive instructions on how to register and prepare for a driving examination and what happens in the driving examination.

Also familiarise yourself with the ABC of driving skills  to learn to become a good driver.

Use e-services or book an appointment

Traficom's e-Services (External link) allow you to apply for a driving licence permit for upgrading your driving licence category, among other things.

You can manage all application issues related to driving licences at Ajovarma offices. Booking an appointment in advance with the driving licence and permit services will save your time.

Click here to book an appointment (External link)

Traficom's national customer service:

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