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Front Page: Ajokortti-info

Motorcycle training licence

If you are seeking a motorcycle driving licence, you may apply for a motorcycle training licence. The training licence gives you the right to independently practice driving a motorcycle before taking the driving test.

Conditions for granting a motorcycle training licence

  1. You have a valid driving licence permit .
  2. You have acquired the obligatory training*.
  3. You have passed the motorcycle category theory test.
  4. You have passed the motorcycle category handling test.
  5. You do not have a driving ban, nor have you had one at any time during the five years preceding the training licence decision.

*Certificate of completing a 4-hour Training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS) (External link) unless you already have a driving licence for some other motor vehicle, such as a moped.

Certificate of completing obligatory 4 h practical driver training.

NB! If you have had a motorcycle driving licence for at least two years and you are upgrading your motorcycle licence category, you may receive a training licence as soon as you have passed the handling test. In this case instruction is not required, nor does the theory test need to be taken again.

For the driving practice, a motorcycle belonging to the category of the driving licence being sought must be used. Please observe that the requirements for driving examination vehicles are stricter than when practising. During the driving practice, the individual seeking the driving licence is the responsible driver.

Your specific guardian’s consent must be attached to the motorcycle training licence application if you are seeking a category A1 driving licence and you are under 18 years of age. In this case, the guardian must also name an instructor for the driving practice in the consent form. The appointed instructor will monitor the practice and the development of driving ability.

Receiving a training licence and training licence validity

You will receive a training licence immediately if your application has the necessary information, the attachments are in order and the criteria for issuing the licence are fulfilled. Recorded on the license is the name of the trainee and the motorcycle licence category being sought. The motorcycle must fulfil the requirements for the licence category in question. Please remember to use a symbol for a training vehicle (white triangel) when practising.

Training licences are issued for three months. Licences are reissued only if there is a pressing reason for doing so.